Transform Your Android Devices into Digital Signage with Drip Boards

Embrace the flexibility and convenience of Drip Boards, compatible with a wide array of Android devices. Whether you have a Google Play-equipped Android TV, a handy Google Chromecast, or nearly any Android device with Google Play, our platform seamlessly turns these devices into powerful digital signage solutions. Dive into the simplicity of Drip Boards and discover how your existing Android devices can become engaging, informative displays, perfect for any business or setting.

  • $5.99/month or $59.99/year
  • Horizontal and Vertical Layout
  • Unlimited Digital Announcements per Screen
  • Images (png, jpg, jpeg, png), Videos (mp4) and Web Pages
  • Free QR Code Menu Site
  • Works with Untappd Beer Menus
  • PosterMyWall Integration
  • Works with Android TV, Google Chromecast and Android Tablets.
  • No Ads! Only your content is displayed.
A Hisense Android

Hisense Android TV and Drip Boards for Affordable Digital Signage

Experience digital signage at its best with the Hisense Android TV, fully integrated with Google Play. When combined with Drip Boards, the Hisense TV transforms into an ultra-efficient digital signage platform. Known for its crisp image quality and reliable performance, the Hisense Android TV is an ideal choice for businesses seeking a visually impactful way to communicate with their audience. From vibrant advertising to informative displays, the Hisense TV, powered by Drip Boards, ensures your content is not just seen but also remembered.

With Drip Boards, leveraging the power of Hisense Android TV becomes remarkably simple. The seamless compatibility with Google Play allows for effortless installation and operation of our digital signage software. This means you can start showcasing your content in no time, with minimal setup hassle. Whether you're in a retail environment, a hospitality setting, or a corporate space, the Hisense Android TV equipped with Drip Boards offers a sleek, modern solution to meet all your digital display needs. Learn More...

Elevate Signage Flexibility with Google Chromecast

Unlock the full potential of digital signage with the seamless pairing of Google Chromecast and Drip Boards. This combination is a game-changer for businesses looking for an adaptable and cost-effective signage solution. Google Chromecast, renowned for its simplicity and versatility, can easily transform any display with an HDMI port into a smart, dynamic signage system when used with Drip Boards. It's an ideal setup for those who value flexibility and ease of use, allowing for the quick broadcasting of vibrant, eye-catching content that captures and retains customer attention.

The beauty of using Google Chromecast with Drip Boards lies in its effortless setup and operation. By simply plugging the Chromecast into your display and connecting it to Drip Boards, you can instantly stream diverse content ranging from promotional material to real-time updates and informative displays. This setup is particularly beneficial for spaces where quick, on-the-go updates are essential, such as restaurants, retail stores, or event venues. Embrace the power of mobile-controlled digital signage and transform how you connect with your audience. Learn More...

Maximize Versatility with Samsung Galaxy S6 Tablet

Combine the portability of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Tablet with the innovative capabilities of Drip Boards to create a versatile and impactful digital signage solution. The Galaxy S6 Tablet, known for its high-resolution display and powerful performance, is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a mobile and interactive approach to digital signage. With Drip Boards, this tablet becomes more than just a device; it turns into an engaging, interactive display tool. Ideal for point-of-sale promotions, interactive menus, or as a portable information kiosk, the Galaxy S6 Tablet offers flexibility and functionality in a sleek package.

Utilizing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Tablet with Drip Boards opens up a realm of possibilities for personalized customer interactions and dynamic content display. Its easy-to-use interface and responsive touch screen make it perfect for customers to interact with your content directly. Whether it's browsing through a digital catalog, exploring menu items, or signing up for promotions, the combination of the Galaxy S6 Tablet and Drip Boards provides an immersive experience. Plus, its compact size means you can set up your digital signage just about anywhere, from small counter spaces to crowded event booths. Learn More...

Experience Premium Digital Signage with Sony Android TV

Transform your space into a beacon of sophistication and innovation with Sony Android TV, powered by Drip Boards. Sony's reputation for high-end display quality pairs flawlessly with the dynamic capabilities of Drip Boards, creating a digital signage experience that is both luxurious and effective. Perfect for upscale venues, corporate settings, or any place where quality cannot be compromised, this combination delivers stunning visuals, superior color accuracy, and crystal-clear resolution. It's not just about showing content; it's about showcasing it in the most impressive way possible.

Embracing the advanced features of Sony Android TV with Google Play, Drip Boards leverages this technology to offer a seamless, high-quality user experience. From sleek and intuitive content management to reliable performance, this pairing is designed for those who seek excellence in every detail. Whether it's for high-end retail, luxury hotels, or exclusive events, the Sony Android TV and Drip Boards setup ensures your messages are not only seen but are also remembered for their striking quality and impactful presentation. Learn More...

Affordable Digital Signage, Transparent Pricing, No Surprises

At Drip Boards, we believe in clear, straightforward pricing. Choose from our monthly or yearly plans and unlock the full potential of our digital signage solution, all without hidden fees or unexpected costs. We also want you to be 100% satisfied with Drip Boards, which is why we're offering a 30-day free trial for your first screen subscription. We're confident you'll love Drip Boards. And should you ever decide to cancel, we've made the process straightforward – no need to navigate through multiple menus or send emails. Just two clicks, and you're done.

$ 5.99 /month
  • - Full access to all Drip Boards features
  • - No long-term commitments
  • - Cancel anytime
  • - 30 Day Free Trial
Best Price
$ 59.99 /year
  • - Save nearly 20% compared to monthly billing
  • - Enjoy uninterrupted service year-round
  • - One-time annual payment for convenience
  • - 30 Day Free Trial
All plans include:
  • Unlimited Image Slides
    (png, jpg, jpeg, webp)
  • Unlimited Video Slides
  • Unlimited Webpage Slides
  • Free QR Code Menu Site
  • No Ads! Only your content is displayed.
  • PosterMyWall Integration