Captivating Visual Displays

Traditional chalkboards and static posters are a thing of the past. Digital announcement screens offer dynamic, eye-catching displays that grab your customers' attention and keep them engaged. Whether it's showcasing daily specials, promoting upcoming events, or featuring customer testimonials, these screens turn your bar into an immersive experience and Drip Boards makes it easy and affordable

  • $5.99/month or $59.99/year
  • Horizontal and Vertical Layout
  • Unlimited Slides per Screen
  • Images, Videos and Web Pages
  • Free QR Code Menu Site
  • Works with Untappd Beer Menus
  • PosterMyWall Integration
  • Works with Android TV and Google Chromecast
A promotional announcement for a salmon dinner

Real-Time Updates

With Drip Boards, you have the power to make real-time updates to your digital screens effortlessly. Change drink specials, update live scores for sports events, or announce surprise happy hours on the fly. It's the flexibility you need to keep your customers informed and excited.


Traditional signage can be costly, especially when you factor in printing expenses. Digital announcement screens, on the other hand, offer a cost-effective solution. Once you've set up your screens with Drip Boards, you can easily modify content without incurring additional printing costs.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Drip Boards' user-friendly interface allows you to easily add informative content that resonates with your customers. Engage your patrons by using digital signage to keep them informed of menu specials and events. An engaged customer is more likely to become a loyal one.

Manage Multiple Screens

Drip Boards makes it simple to have multiple screens across your bar or at different locations, managing and updating content is a breeze.

Elevate Your Bar Experience with Drip Boards

Incorporating digital announcement screens powered by Drip Boards is a game-changer for bars looking to enhance their customer experience, boost engagement, and stay ahead of the competition. With real-time updates, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration, Drip Boards stands out as the best solution to transform your bar into a dynamic and engaging space. Take the leap, embrace the future, and give your patrons an unforgettable experience with Drip Boards today.

Drip Boards Makes Digital Signage Simple

Watch this quick video to see the Drip Boards platform in action. It's recorded on a Samsung Android tablet but the app works the exact same way on Android TVs or Google Chromecasts.

Your first screen comes with a 30 day free trial.

We want to you be 100% satisfied with Drip Boards so we are offing 30 days free on your first screen subscription. We are confindent you'll love Drip Boards that we make it simple to cancel your screen subscription at any time. No multiple menus to dig into or people to email, just two clicks and done.

$ 5.99 /month
- So affordable you can't pass this up
Best Price
$ 59.99 /year
- Save money, buy annually.
All plans include:
  • Horizontal and Vertical Layout
  • Unlimited Image Slides
  • Unlimited Video Slides
  • Unlimited Webpage Slides
  • PosterMyWall Integration