Use Your Android TV for Digital Signage

Drip Boards transforms your Android TV into a powerful digital signage tool. It's tailor-made for businesses eager to convey vital information, captivate customers, and bolster employee engagement. From restaurants flaunting their delectable menus to corporates broadcasting vital announcements, or event organizers updating attendees in real-time, Drip Boards ensures your message is broadcasted seamlessly and effectively.

  • $5.99/month or $59.99/year
  • Horizontal and Vertical Layout
  • Unlimited Digital Announcements per Screen
  • Images (png, jpg, jpeg, png), Videos (mp4) and Web Pages
  • Free QR Code Menu Site
  • Works with Untappd Beer Menus
  • PosterMyWall Integration
  • Works with Android TV, Google Chromecast and Android Tablets.
  • No Ads! Only your content is displayed.
A promotional announcement for a salmon dinner

Affordable Digital Signage, Packed with Premium Features

Experience the fusion of affordability and innovation with Drip Boards. Our platform is not just another digital signage solution—it's a meticulously designed tool crafted to simplify, enhance, and redefine your digital display experience. From the seamless integration with Android TVs to real-time content management, every feature has been honed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses today. Dive deeper and discover how Drip Boards elevates every aspect of your digital signage journey.

Seamless Integration with Your Android TV

Step into the world of hassle-free digital signage with Drip Boards. Designed with simplicity in mind, our software effortlessly syncs with any Android TV, enabling businesses to transform their screens without the complexities of additional setups. This smooth integration means you can leverage existing hardware, reducing costs and accelerating your transition to dynamic digital displays. With Drip Boards, turning your Android TV into an impactful signage tool is just a few clicks away.

User-Friendly and Mobile-Friendly for Effortless Management

Drip Boards redefines user experience with its intuitive dashboard, making digital signage management a breeze. Whether you're uploading fresh content, scheduling displays, or making on-the-fly adjustments, our platform ensures every action feels natural and straightforward. We've prioritized clarity and simplicity, ensuring even those new to digital signage can navigate with ease. This commitment to user-centric design means more time focusing on your message and less time grappling with software nuances.

Drip Boards digital signage screens on the walls of a restaurant showing the resturant's name

Instant Content Refresh for Timely Displays

In today's fast-paced business environment, the ability to update content in real-time is paramount. Drip Boards empowers you with this agility, ensuring your digital signage displays remain current, relevant, and engaging. Whether it's a last-minute promotion, urgent announcements, or simply updating information, our platform responds instantly. No delays, no waiting. With Drip Boards, your audience is always presented with the freshest content, allowing you to communicate effectively and maintain your brand's dynamism.

Total Control from Anywhere

Drip Boards takes convenience to a new level with its robust remote management capabilities. No longer are you tethered to a specific location to update or monitor your displays. Whether you're on a business trip, at home, or even on vacation, our platform provides you with full access and control over your digital screens. Make real-time changes all from the comfort of your chosen device. With Drip Boards, distance is no barrier to ensuring your digital signage remains effective and up-to-date.

A digital sign showing daily drink specials overlayed on an image of the inside of a cafe

Digital Signage Built Upon Experience

When Drip Boards embarked on its journey as a digital out-of-home network, we encountered a significant void: the absence of accessible and budget-friendly digital screens and their management systems. Instead of compromising, we took matters into our own hands and crafted our very own platform. Drawing from hands-on experience managing screens in bars, restaurants, and diverse businesses across Chicago, we've refined Drip Boards through years of iterative improvements. Today, we're proud to extend this opportunity to all businesses—allowing them to embrace digital signage without stretching their financial limits.

Drip Boards in Action: Seamless Digital Signage at Your Fingertips

Seeing is believing. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or just getting started, our platform's user-friendly nature ensures a seamless experience. Watch as we guide you through the effortless process of transforming any Android TV into a dynamic digital signage powerhouse.

Affordable Digital Signage, Transparent Pricing, No Surprises

At Drip Boards, we believe in clear, straightforward pricing. Choose from our monthly or yearly plans and unlock the full potential of our digital signage solution, all without hidden fees or unexpected costs. We also want you to be 100% satisfied with Drip Boards, which is why we're offering a 30-day free trial for your first screen subscription. We're confident you'll love Drip Boards. And should you ever decide to cancel, we've made the process straightforward – no need to navigate through multiple menus or send emails. Just two clicks, and you're done.

$ 5.99 /month
  • - Full access to all Drip Boards features
  • - No long-term commitments
  • - Cancel anytime
  • - 30 Day Free Trial
Best Price
$ 59.99 /year
  • - Save nearly 20% compared to monthly billing
  • - Enjoy uninterrupted service year-round
  • - One-time annual payment for convenience
  • - 30 Day Free Trial
All plans include:
  • Unlimited Image Slides
    (png, jpg, jpeg, webp)
  • Unlimited Video Slides
  • Unlimited Webpage Slides
  • Free QR Code Menu Site
  • No Ads! Only your content is displayed.
  • PosterMyWall Integration